Hi George,

Thanks for your reply. Your answer is the type of answer I hoped for. Even though I hoped there could be some reduction in dependencies :-)

Your recommendation to use phonon-backend-gstreamer together with digikam would save me from installing 16 packages, or at least 16 fewer that with standard phonon-backend-xine. Maybe there are other tweaks that could reduce the installation even more.

// Mem

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On 5th of June 2010, George Kiagiadakis wrote:

On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 2:50 PM, Magnus Sandberg<m...@netnod.se>  wrote:
Hi again,

I wrote the email below close to two weeks ago and no one has replied. Some
sort of reply would have been nice. Even if it had said something like: 'you
should file a proper bug report', or 'this is taken care of', or 'already
considered but we can't reduce the number of dependencies', or best of all
'thanks for your feedback, we'll fix it in the next update'.

Any type of response would felt better that just nothing.

Have a nice weekend!
// Mem

On 24th of May 2010, Magnus Sandberg wrote:


I'm looking for a good photo management software. First I looked into
F-spot but I'm a bit skeptic about Mono. Now I'm thinking of DigiKam but
the dependencies are crazy in Squeeze. I'm running some quite tight
installations using Gnome as Window manager.

On my Lenny machine (not the actual target, just used as reference)
DigiKam would like to install 16 new packages but on my Squeeze machine
(the actual target) DigiKam would like to install 116 packages. How can
it come that I would get 100 extra packages on Squeeze? Something has to
be wrong with the dependencies in Squeeze. Please see attached command

I'm not on the list, please reply to me direct.

// Mem

Hi, we are sorry for the lack of reply. Personally, I must have
skipped this message just by reading the subject, expecting someone
familiar with digikam to reply (I don't use digikam myself). But now
that I read it, I think I can give you an answer.

The dependencies are correct. digikam in lenny is an older version
that uses kde3, while digikam in squeeze uses kde4. kde3 and kde4 are
completely different in packaging, with the major difference being the
kdelibs package, which is monolithic in kde3 (all libraries in one
package) while it is split in many smaller packages in kde4. There are
probably also some new features in digikam that use other components
of kde and add some extra dependencies too. The only thing that you
could avoid installing is all the xine related libraries, by
installing phonon-backend-gstreamer (which is interchangeable with
phonon-backend-xine and sounds more appropriate for gnome, which uses
gstreamer everywhere).


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