> Just compile and install libkdcraw/libkexiv2 (and also libkipi) from
> svn trunk (kdegraphics module)


Unfortunately for a distribution such as Debian we are tied to releases of the 
kdegraphics module. We can't easily include the svn trunk components of some 
of kdegraphics :-(

> all library code are managed by digiKam team.

The libraries maybe managed by the digikam team, but the release is controlled 
by the kdegraphics release, do you know which release the updates are slated 

I would doubt that KDE SC 4.4.5 will include large changes, which means we 
maybe awaiting KDE SC 4.5 for updates to these libs.

Previously when the digikam team released these libraries directly, we could 
update the library packaging independent of the upstream kdegraphics release, 
however we cannot do that anymore.

I presume that other distributions would also have the same issues?


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