> > I presume that other distributions would also have the same issues?
> I know that Mandriva include kdegraphics/libs from trunk as well...

Sorry I don't agree that is sustainable at all.

Pulling from trunk is verging on negligence for a distribution. How does 
Mandriva know when trunk is stable?  Do they continue to patch until trunk is 
released?  Sounds like an awful lot of work bypassing the upstream release 

If upstream have decided that work on a library is work in progress, ie they 
haven't released.  Then why would/ should a distribution take on that risk.

If libkdcraw and libkexiv2 are ready for release, but the rest of kdegraphics 
isn't then it is time to break them back out again, or accept the inherent 
delay by being a component of the larger kdegraphics release cycle.


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