On 12.06.2010 17:53, Johannes Fichtinger wrote:

>> What kind of destkop enviroment do you use,


looks all fine so far

>> I don't see severity grave justified so downgrading to appriopratly.
> Actually, I do see the severity grave since this bug renders the network-
> manager on kde unusable. 
> Are you able to reproduce the bug? Or, can I provide further infos?

I can't reproduce the bug here. knm works fine with a fully up-to-date sid
system and I don't believe it is a general problem, but a local issue you have.
Could you try if you can reproduce the problem with a fresh user account?

What does nm-tool say (run as normal user)?
Could you show me the output of ls -la /etc/dbus-1/system.d


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