Am Dienstag 15 Juni 2010, 12:37:19 schrieb Mark Purcell:
> On Tuesday 15 June 2010 14:25:49 Michael Holtermann wrote:
> > Yes, it has. Now the images are back again...
> No problem.

This depends on the definition of "problem" :-)

> I have uploaded exiv2 0.19-3 which reverts the Nikon patch from upstream.

Thank you, this brings my images back, too.

> It appears that we do require the rebuild of all libs for the Nikon fix
> (ie 0.20) and can't just sneak it on the back of 0.19.

This sounds like a big task. Could you say something about the timeline? Or is 
the fix deferred until KDE 4.5?

Many thanks!

Kind regards,

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