On 06/16/2010 05:56 AM, Mark Purcell wrote:
On Wednesday 16 June 2010 14:20:34 Jason Woofenden wrote:
Please let me know if I can help further (and how exactly).

Thks Jason,

Could you please install the libexiv2-dbg so we might get a better backtrack 


OK, so libexiv2-dbg isn't in unstable, so I went to grab it from experimental, but found a later version (0.20) which is for libexiv2-9 (not 2-6, which is what I had) so I grabbed all these from experimental: exiv2 libexiv2-9 libexiv2-dbg

and installed them. Then I went to get a new backtrace from gdb/geeqie, but it was still using the old version of libexiv2.

So I changed the symbolic link at /usr/lib/libexiv2.so.6 to point to the new libexiv2 (/usr/lib/libexiv2.so.9) and now geeqie doesn't crash.

If a backtrace of geeqie with libexiv2-6 0.19-3 would still be useful, please let me know how I can get my hands on libexiv2-dbg that is compatible with this version. I tried building libexiv2 from source (apt-get source libexiv2-6, etc) but it did not produce a -dbg package.

Take care,   - Jason

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