On Wednesday 16 June 2010 21:24:23 Andreas Huggel wrote:
> This std::list was introduced with the bugfix for the Nikon
> performance problem. It used to be std::vector before. So it looks
> like either the Debian exiv2 0.19-3 package didn't undo all of the
> changes of 0.19-2 (check the typedef for ExifMetadata in exif.hpp) or
> a 0.19-2 library was used to create this crash (which is not binary
> compatible with the original 0.19 because of exactly this type
> change).

Thanks Andreas,

It appears that some versions of geeqie were built against the broken version 
of exiv2/0.19-2.

geeqie/1:1.0-4 is correctly forced to ignore exiv2/0.19-2 and depends on 


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