On Thursday 17 June 2010 03:04:02 Jason Woofenden wrote:
> If a backtrace of geeqie with libexiv2-6 0.19-3 would still be useful, 
> please let me know how I can get my hands on libexiv2-dbg that is 
> compatible with this version. I tried building libexiv2 from source 
> (apt-get source libexiv2-6, etc) but it did not produce a -dbg package.

Sorry to muck you around so much Jason.

It appears that some versions of geeqie were built against the broken version 
of exiv2/0.19-2.

geeqie/1:1.0-4 is correctly forced to ignore exiv2/0.19-2 and depends on 

So to clean up your system you should install geeqie/1:1.0-4 & exiv2/0.19-3, 
and remove exiv2/0.20 from experimental.


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