On Monday May 3rd 2010 at 14:30:24 Mark Purcell wrote:
> …
> Could I ask you to upgrade to the kaffeine in unstable (1.0~pre3) and confirm 
> your report is still current.
(a) My personal view:  When software shows such strong signs for a buffer
overflow and thus with very high likelihood allows execution of arbitrary
code, I uninstall it immediately from every production system I am
responsible for.  Any usage outside of sandbox jails is unthinkable.
Currently I cannot spare time or resources for setting up a virtual machine
just to debug kaffeine.
(b)  I tried KDE_4.2.1, found many bugs and apart from okular nothing useful
for my needs.  I will stick to KDE_3.5.x at least as long as it is maintained.

In short:
(A)  I won't provide more info.  Sorry.
(B)  The issue seems to be confirmed by a very similar bugreport:
> …
> 1.a. If possible could you review the upstream reports against kaffeine and 
> see if your report has already been reported upstream.

Roland Eggner

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