(Dear God's elect,)


I am touched by God to hand you over this money considering my last wish, and 
you should also know that my contact to you is by special grace of God, please 
understand that you are not helping me rather you are working for God the 
creator of heaven and earth.

In respect of my previous message; Nevertheless, (30% Percent) of the total 
money 8,500,000.00 USD is for your personal use and 70 Percent to help 
orphanages, Building a Clinic school and widows to endeavor that the house of 
God is maintained, I hope you will utilize this money the way I instructed you 


On the process of receiving your first response, i have now extented the 
communication to the knowledge of my personal lawyer who will take a proper 
charge of the fund remiting procedure to your destination to enable you excute 
my last wished project. The contact of the attoney in charge will be made 
available to you as soon as i am convinced of your honesty in this project for 
the release of the amount. With regard to my ill health and the presence of my 
husband's relatives around me here in the hospital, I do not need any telephone 
communication in this mostly because I seldom them to know about this as they 
are not aware of the deposited money.


Moreover, further discusion in this matter will require your official presence 
to change the related documents to your name due to my illness of course will 
not allow me to move out of this hospital bed, meanwhile the bank will also 
request your present to sign the release order document considering the amount 
of money involve (8,500,000.00 USD) On this reason you will make arrangement to 
undertake (Three to Four 3/4) working days in order to meet with my lawyer to 
enable him make sure that you are properly handed over the fund to go on with 
processing of my project.


Don't forget to always pray for me because all my hope to survive is in God the 
creator who holds death and life. 

Hoping to receive your reply.

Mrs.Margaret Brown
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