Package: libk3b6
Version: 2.0.1-1

I noticed that if I try to rip an audio CD and select the SoX encoder, K3b will claim that it succeeded but no audio files are created. The same thing happened with most file types, actually, but I think they too use the SoX plugin.

I turned on debugging, and noticed the following messages in the output:

k3b(14809) K3bSoxEncoder::initEncoderInternal: "/usr/bin/sox -t raw -r 44100 -s -2 -c 2 - -t wav -r 44100 -c 2 -w -a <filename withheld>" k3b(14809) K3bSoxEncoder::slotSoxOutputLine: (sox) "/usr/bin/sox: invalid option -- w" k3b(14809) K3bSoxEncoder::slotSoxOutputLine: (sox) "/usr/bin/sox FAIL sox: invalid option"

According to the SoX changelog, the -w option was deprecated in 13.0.0 and removed in 14.1.0. (Debian unstable currently uses 14.3.1.) It was replaced by the -2 option. K3b tries to detect this and act accordingly, but is only partly successful. Here's what happens in plugins/encoder/sox/k3bsoxencoder.cpp

   179          if ( soxBin->version >= K3b::Version( 13, 0, 0 ) )
   180              *d->process << "-2";
   181          else
   182              *d->process << "-w";        // 16-bit words


195 int size = grp.readEntry( "data size", DEFAULT_DATA_SIZE ); 196 *d->process << ( size == 8 ? QString("-b") : ( size == 32 ? QString("-l") : QString("-w") ) );

I believe the first snippet sets the options for the input file and the second one sets them for the output file, but only the first one checks the SoX version. I believe it's sufficient to add such a check to the second snippet, to make it use -1, -2 and -4 instead of -b, -w and -l.


Torbjörn Andersson

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