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2010/9/15 Sven Eckelmann <sven.eckelm...@gmx.de>:
> tags 582065 + patch
> thanks
> Christoph Pfister wrote:
>> Can you please elaborate a bit? You can't resize at all or you can't
>> make the window smaller than some size?
> I personally cannot really answer that question, but I have the problem that I
> could not resize the window bellow a "magic" size. This was the maximum size
> of all (visible or not) minimal sizes widgets inside the QStackedLayout.
> My workaround is currently to provide a own layout. The only difference is the
> calculation of the minimal size of the main layout using only the visible
> layout inside the QStackedLayout.

I've committed a much simpler 'fix' - setting the minimum size of the
main window to 160x120 (explicitly setting minimum size overrides the
minimum size from the layout). I hope people can live with that

> Now I can resize it again in the minimal size of 92x62 pixel (more than small
> enough for me - I just wanted to get it to something like 320x240 instead of
> ~800x200).
> Maybe it is what he wanted - otherwise just ignore it.
> This maybe fixes upsteam bug #226183 and #240068

Will have a look.

> Best regards,
>        Sven


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