severity 593933 serious

Mark Purcell wrote:
> On Monday 20 September 2010 22:05:11 Emil Langrock wrote:
> > I see it the same way, but I would say that this is a kind of FTBFS and
> > thus it must have the severity serious.
> kmymoney 4.5 does not FTFBS:

If I build it in a pbuilder then I get functionality wise a complete different 
binary then the thing which is provided by you on amd64. See for example;ver=4.5-1;arch=armel;stamp=1282445711
please search for "KBanking plugin" and look on the line if it says no or yes.

So either the source is missing (not the case) or it is a ftbfs on amd64 due 
to completely different build results. I will increase the severity again.

> Thus the severity is not series.
> I agree that kmymoney should be built with aqbanking5, however this is an
> experimental package, thus I am assigning severity wishlist for the build
> against aqbanking5.
> I also suspect the patches to build against aqbanking5 should be forwarded
> upstream as they are not Debian specific.

The patch is definitely debian specific as they change the stuff in debian/

How you fix it to get the same results when building is not my problem - I 
just provided the stuff I did. If it is enough to depend on pkg-config then 
try it - I wont do your work because I am not the package maintainer with the 
expertise to fix that stuff. If the pkg-config is enough then please feel free 
to degrease the severity again to whishlist.
Emil Langrock

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