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*** HSBC 00006938***

***Ordering Customer***                                                   HSBC Principal Office

NNPC – NG***                                                                      HSBC Building

004 SWIFT TRN 92BK                                                             Canary wharf

BANK PRIOTY (300 CRF)                                                          London

TELE: 44-709-2870-438.


TELEX: 888401


TELEGRAME: CINNAFOREX                                                                                      


                                                                                        CHEQUE CENTRE

6th Oct, 2010.                                                                  P. O. Box 47,

                                                                                         135 CHARLES STREET

                                                                                          LEICESTER LE 19GB.



We have received your payment approval from our ordering Customer Service in the INTERNATIONAL MONETORY FUND (IMF) of Nigeria for the further credit to your Bank account from the desk of the director IMF- PAUL WILSON.  With all due respect sir, our Bank has obliged to credit your account with instruction.  Quoting reference to BANK OF AMERICA transfer regulation and in line with UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN Financial and Allied Conduct, your account will be affected as soon as you reconcile our 1% Cost of Transfer out from your $10million USD part payment or you may advise us to deduct the total value and transfer the balance to your account.

Should you be willing to accept deduction, our Bank is therefore urging you to contact the Auditor General NNPC Mr.Felix Odi asking him to issue you the Original Hard Copy of the Authority to Deduct Bill of Exchange to enable us deduct the 1% cost of transfer.Be advised also that we only acknowledge the receipt of the ORIGINAL HARD COPY OF THE BILL OF EXCHANGE FORM, which must be duly filed and signed by the beneficiary before we can effect deduction.

Please be warned, as our Bank does not deal with no other person except the auditor general Nnpc Felix Odi. You may contact him with his direct e-mail address, TEL: 234 8184 465 019 to issue you the AUTHORITY TO DEDUCT bill of exchange form.

Prior to our Banking regulation, final credit shall be made to your account upon your instruction. Adhere to this instruction and get back to us immediately.

Thanks for working with us and waiting to hearing from you.


HSBC PLC                                                                                                                                               

Mr. Patrick Hallgate   (Head of customer service dept.)


Member HSBC Group Registered in England (No.  14259. Registered Office Canary Wharf London Paris as in force on the date of this letter


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