package: kmymoney
version: 3.98.1-2

I have tried installing kmymoney on a freshly installed squeeze amd64 system

For testing, I set up a bank account, an asset and a loan account

I created the loan account with a start date 2010-06-01

When I click to enter the first payment, I get the `Enter schedule' window

The date of the first payment is 2010-06-30 and today is 2010-11-28

The postdate is red and it has a mouseover that says `Cannot enter transaction with postdate prior to account's opening date'. The enter button is gray and I can't enter the payment.

I unzipped the XML file and checked the account opening date:

<ACCOUNT currency="CHF" description="" parentaccount="AStd::Liability" opened="2010-06-01" number="666" lastmodified="2010-11-28" type="5" id="A000159" lastreconciled="" institution="I000001" name="loan3">

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