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On pirmadienis 27 Gruodis 2010 00:50:08 Francesco Muzio wrote:
> k3b doesn't burn DVD DL because it use bad parameter for growisofs (who
> work well from shell)

What's that parameter? You seem to have come far in debugging the problem but 
forgot to tell the most important info :)

If the fix is trivial enough, the problem could still be solved in time for 

> In the image error.png attached there is another common problem: k3b
> doesn't recognize the speed allowed (retrieved by dvd+rw-mediainfo, I
> suppose) and it set a a speed who is always higher than the chosen value
> (in some case limit I have saw things like 99x !)

Well, we need dvd+rw-mediainfo output then for that particular case.

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