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Dear Braun,
Braun Gábor schrieb am 15.02.2011 14:46:
> I have received a notification:
> There is 2 updates and 2 security updates available
> (There was no dot at the end of the sentence, and the verb was "is".)
> However, there were only 2 updates available, both of which were security.
> So the sentence is misleading.  It would have been better to say:
> There are 2 security updates available.

thank you for reporting above problems, the "is" vs. "are" was already fixed,
though that hasn't reached stable. The remaining issues are fixed in the Git
repository and will be included in the next upload. Please note, that it might
take a while longer until this reaches stable.

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch


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