Package: digikam
Version: 2:1.2.0-7
Severity: wishlist


Well I'm not sure how far digikam is tied to KDE and how easy the
following is:

It would be nice to have an additional package that disables most/all
KDE integration/features of digikam, so that it more or less depends
only on qt.

The thing is, digikam is very nice, and IMHO there is nothing comparable
Nevertheless people probably don't like to install "half" of KDE SC just
to use digikam.

Providing such packages is also not that uncommon, see e.g. the
different vim-* flavours, or packages like evince-gtk, which is like
evince but just without the GNOME integration.

If the package's CMake file already provides the necessarily build
options to disable the KDE stuff, maintaining such an additional binary
package should be of not much effort.


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