Compliment of the day to you.my name is Phil Ali from Cambodia,female and 26 
years of age.i got your email through massanger directory and i am writing you 
with hope this deal is going to work out for both of us.

I am working in a Deposit office and at the end of last year,we did end of the 
year clearance  on abandon luggages and to my suprise,i found a luggage that 
was deposited since january 2010 and when i try to x-rayed the luggage,i found 
100 united states dollar notes totalling over 800,000 dollar and a gold bar in 

As i am writing to you right now,i am the only one that knows about the luggage
and therefore i solicit for your help to come and stand as next of kin to the 
of the luggage so we can get it between ourself.

I have all the deposit informmation and i will make them avaiable to you as 
soon as you indicate interest to work with me in this deal.I will be waiting to 
hear from you as this is matter of urgency because government officials will be 
coming this May to consificate all abandon luggages.

Please your reply should be send to my email

Best Regards.
Phil Ali

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