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Dear Saulo,
Saulo Soares de Toledo schrieb am 04.04.2011 22:57:
> There are something about this bug who affects a lot of gtk applications, 
> like gedit, at README at package.

I'm not able to reproduce the bug here (I hope I understood you correctly, to
ensure this, this is what I've tried: install gedit, open gtk2-engines-oxygen
README.gz file (after gunzipping) with gedit). Everything looks fine.
Could you please name a few of the other affected programs, maybe I'm able to
see your bug with them, and attach a screenshot of a program showing the bug (in
case it isn't easy to spot on the screenshot, please mark the affected regions).

> But I've installed the package "Oxygen Molecule" from Ubuntu distro and
> worked here. This cannot be ported to official debian package?

This is a total different question from any bug in gtk2-engines-oxygen. If you
want the oxygen-molecule theme in Debian, you either need to package it yourself
(and file an ITP) or you need to file an RFP (Request For Packaging) and hope
somebody picks it up. oxygen-molecule has nothing to do with 

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch


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