Ok, after playing around for a while, I have found that if I remove the module 
acx from the kernel, then I can run kile.

If I type:

$ sudo modprobe -a acx
$ kile

then kile runs (Yay!)

This probably means that:

This bug could be moved elsewhere (but I'm not sure where. acx? or is it still 
a kile bug?)

The severity might need to be changed

Now I just need to work out how to stop acx from starting in the first place. 
(I'd already commented out acx in /etc/modules but it still seemed to be 
starting up somewhere else. I don't know enough to find out where). If I end 
/etc/modules with the lines:

ndiswrapper -r
acx -r
ndiswrapper -a

Then the system is usable and I can use kile.

Thanks to Lisandro for suggestions and for everyone else who has taken time 
over this,


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