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KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment (localization)
 Kile is a user-friendly LaTeX source editor and TeX shell for KDE.
 This package contains the translations for Kile.
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Changes: kile (1:2.1.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release. (Closes: #630122)
  * Add kile-l10n package (replace kile-i18n).
  * Remove patches:
    - 00_root_document_not_detected_kde_bug_233667.diff - stolen upstream.
    - 03_mime_install_dir.diff - merged upstream.
  * Update debian/rules: remove bibtex.xml/latex.xml work around. The files
    aren't shipped by kile anymore.
  * Cleanup dependencies (Closes: #625916):
    - remove from Depends: texlive-base-bin.
    - add to Recommends: texlive.
    - demote to Suggests: lilypond, texlive-xetex, asymptote, context, dblatex,
      latex2html, tex4ht.
    - remove from Recommends:, okular | evince | gv,
      kbibtex | pybliographer | gbib | jabref, konqueror | firefox, dvipdfmx,

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