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On penktadienis 06 Kovas 2009 20:13:21 Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> NM-KDE has an option to set VPN Connection for only a certain Address
> Range. This can be set through the "Only use VPN Connection for these
> Addresses" option in the "Optional Information" tab in NM-KDE.
> That setting is not keep intact by NM-KDE. Once I set it and save, and
> then again when I open the config window, the setting is not there.
> This setting is important for many users who connect to office networks
> from home but would still like to be connected to IRC, when at home.

This option no longer exists in the recent versions. However, VPN routing 
setup GUI has been overhauled in 0.1+git20110526.911025d-1 and it is likely 
that it will meat your needs.

Modestas Vainius <>

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