Am Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011 schrieb Stefan Seide:
> Hi,
> this patch does not work for me unfortunatly. KMymoney merges
> transaction data of three different accounts into one account. All
> three belong to the same bank and user. This bank uses your user
> number as the first part and an account-type id as the second part
> (last three digits) as the accont number.
> account 1: BLZ 100090900, account no. 1000123001
> account 1: BLZ 100090900, account no. 1000123600
> account 1: BLZ 100090900, account no. 1000123850
> (changed my account no a little bit to protect the innocent - but the
> pattern remains)

Hmmm. Did you double check that you installed the packages that contain 
the patch completely and started KMyMoney freshly after installation? You 
need also the kmymoney-common package, not only the kmymoney one.

Here the patch definately fixes the issue with the two accounts I have.

If yes, you should probably forward this to the kmymoney mailinglist as well the author of the patch.

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