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the soundKonverter reports "No CD device found" even when there are 2 Drives in the System. One is the built in DVD-RW (/dev/sr0) the other an CD, connected via an IDE-to-USB Adapter, that I use for CD-ripping only.
"cdparanoia -d /dev/sr2"  can read from the CD-Drive.

Opening the soundKonverter from the Start Menu and trying to add Tracks via "Add CD tracks" fails with the Error "No CD device found". But there are 2 Drives installed and the CD is in the /dev/sr2 Drive.

KDE will find the CD when it is inserted and give the Option "Rip Audio CD with soudKonverter". This Option will open the "Add CD tracks" Dialog with all the Tracks showing and even cddb works here. As soon as one proceeds, the Tracks are listed waiting in the appearing Main Window. But starting the actual Rip will one again give You the "No CD device found" Error. The CD is once again in the /dev/sr2 Drive.

I tried several easy Fixes (ln -s sr2 cdrom in /dev) but with no Luck.

There might well be a Way to cope with that but Google didn't find any. cdparanoia has a -d Switch to select the correct Drive but there is no Way in soundKonverter to access this Option.

Btw.: There is a Help Topic "soundKonverter" in the Help Center, but no actual Documetation in Application Manuals / Multimedia / soundKonverter.

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