My name is  Silvia Cortez  46 years of a age I'm a lawyer here in La Paz 
Bolivia. I am sending you this message believing that you could help my 19 
years of age client ,as a matter of fact, my late Client father was killed 
recently by the political rivals and  being the only child to her father she is 
entitled to all her father's property

Furthermore, i have come to discovered that my late client father left up to 
188 kilo grams of gold which is now with one of the leading security company 
here in La Paz Bolivia.
I need you to assist her to claim this gold from the security company so that 
it could be shipped to your country before my arrival with her.

Dear i am counting on you believing that you will give me all your support to 
enable her relocate and after the selling of the gold, you shall assist her in 
invest the fund into a profitable business while she forward her education in 

Please note that your assistance herein will be of mortal benefit to both of us.

Additionally, I want to clarify here that every necessary arrangement has been 
made between me and the security company to release the gold for onward 
shipment to any chosen foreign partner of my choice with her

Hence you have showed up your interest to help her execute this transaction as 
her agent, I will appreciate it if you could let me know what your percentage 
could be.

I do not have much experience on gold prize and will intrust the transaction 
into your hands.
My intention of seeking for a foreign beneficiary is to enable her further her 
education abroad as her father wishes before he pass away  while the remaining 
amount realized from the sells of gold will be invested into any profitable 
business of your choice on her  behalf with a writing document prepared by me.

Upon hearing from you I will put you in contact with the security company so 
that you can liaise with them regarding the release of the gold under their 

please respond to me on my official email: 

i await your quick response to proceed to the  company so that you can liaise 
with them regarding the release of the gold under their custody.

Best regards
Barrister Silvia Cortez
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