trying to get the apt transition alive and rolling…

Pino Toscano <p...@debian.org> (18/04/2012):
> I've backported it to our packaging repository, so it just need upload 
> by Kai, most probably (sorry, I don't know how to deal with git-bp-
> handled repositories...).

In the parent directory:
  apt-get source -d --tar-only qapt

In the git repository:
  dch -r
  # commit
  debuild -S -i
  # build with your favorite tool, test, etc.
  git-buildpackage --git-tag-only
  # push branch + tag to origin

There's pristine-tar you could be using to retrieve the original
tarball, but apt-get source works fine too.

If you need me to upload it, I could live with that.


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