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>>  kde-config-gtk-style does not allow to:
>>  * select themes for Gtk 3.x applications
>>  * preview available themes for Gtk 2.x and Gtk 3.x applications
>>  * custmize toolbars and menus for Gtk applications
>>  * select icon themes for Gtk applications
>>  * download and apply Gtk 2.x and Gtk 3.x themes from http://opendesktop.org/
>>    in few mouse clicks
>>  All these things can be done in kde-gtk-config.
> what about the following plan then:
> talk with the kde-config-gtk-style maintainers (kde-extras team and
> didier raboud) wether it makes sense to just let your package take over
> the kde-config-gtk-style name.

What is the procedure for replacing the binary package by one from another
source package?

Could I maintain my package outside kde-extras team in this case?

Also I have offtopic question:
How can translations for kde-gtk-config get into kde-l10n-* packages?

> It doesn't look like the current utility
> does something "your" utility doesn't, am I right?

kde-config-gtk-style has only 4 functions:
1) Selecting available Gtk 2 theme.
2) Selecting few paths for searching Gtk 2 themes in the system.
3) Setting up the same font as in KDE applications.
4) Setting up font manually.

Features 2) and 3) are not available in kde-gtk-config.

> No need to have two tools with the same dependencies, same audience and
> one tool just does a subset of the other.



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