Hi Boris and thanks for your mail,

Le 14.05.2012 12:23, Boris Pek a écrit :
> Sorry for disturbing. But could you comment message [1]?

First, pinging me after two-and-a-half days across a week-end is putting
an unreasonable expectation in terms of responsiveness on me: it's not
motivating, sorry.

> We are talking about replacing the package kcm-gtk by package
> kde-gtk-config which has wider functionality.

That's debatable.

> Wheezy freeze will be soon. And I really believe that this
> configuration module should be in it.

That's subjective.

>> No need to have two tools with the same dependencies, same
>> audience and one tool just does a subset of the other.
> Agreed.

Anyway; I would strongly oppose a duplication of packages with similar
functionality: either the existing src:kcm-gtk is enhanced to support
the new features or it should be deprecated in favour of a new source
package producing a binary package named identically.

(A third solution, technically ugly but doable would be to keep the
src:kcm-gtk source name but have it's content be the new source's.)

Le 11.05.2012 21:58, Boris Pek a écrit :
> What is the procedure for replacing the binary package by one from 
> another source package?

The only existing procedure is "consensus", reached through discussion.

> Could I maintain my package outside kde-extras team in this case?

This wouldn't make sense.

So; such a package would make sense if it provides a set of
functionalities including _everything_ currently provided by
src:kcm-gtk. In that case, it shall be named kde-config-gtk-style and
get a version bigger than the current 2:0.5.3-1 (such as it's 2.0-1
version plus a bigger epoch such as 3:2.0-1). Then, after some testing,
I would be OK to deprecate kcm-gtk (removing the source from unstable).

In order to allow such testing before the Wheezy's release, I think this
new kde-gtk-config should be targeted at experimental, to ease upgrading
and functionality testing without breaking Wheezy: I think wheezy's
better served with an old but tested kcm-gtk than with a brand new

If such changes are donc, I might consider sponsoring.



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