Cyril Brulebois <k...@debian.org> (26/05/2012):
> That last one FTBFS'd on s390, probably due to the swig bug (hitting
> s390 only), which got fixed recently. Given back. I've just asked
> ftpmasters to decruft ctemplate (i.e. removing old binaries from
> unstable), which should make it a candidate, baring aging. I'll look
> into possibly missing bits after that.

kraft/s390x is FTBFSing, due to qt's multiarchification. A fixed qt
should appear soon, so once it's uploaded, and binNMUs for some reverse
dependencies are ready too, we should be able to perform a give back.
That should get us rid of the old binary left in testing:
|  libctemplate0: s390x

Moving the tracker from ongoing to finished since the ctemplate
migration to testing happened during tonight's run.


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