> Sorry, but no. I just tested and it doesn't work.
> With the attached .gtkrc-2.0-kde as created by the current src:kcm-gtk, when
> entering the dialog of src:kde-gtk-config, the dialogs don't show "Raleigh"
> nor "DejaVu Sans 9", but "oxygen-gtk" and "Bitstream Charter 12" (and "Emacs"
> for the GTK3 theme). That's not what I'd call "any changes there are kept
> gracefully".
> I'll upload this package [0] when user changes setup by kde-config-gtk-style
> 2:0.5.3-1 are kept and converted (if needed) by kde-config-gtk-style 3:2.0-1.
> That's rather easy to test…

I thought we were talking about clean install. But not about total changing of
configuration file and its parser.

Ok, I'll use your file for tests.

Best regards,

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