En cette agréable journée du vendredi 15 juin 2012,
Adam D. Barratt a écrit :

> Are you using Digikam from testing, or the version listed above?
> Testing only has 2:1.9.0-3.

I am indeed using the sid version, sorry for the mistake :
adrien ~/ $ apt-cache policy digikam
  Installé : 4:2.6.0-1
  Candidat : 4:2.6.0-1
 Table de version :
 *** 4:2.6.0-1 0
        800 http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/ sid/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
     2:1.9.0-3+b2 0
        900 http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/ testing/main amd64 Packages

It was not my intention, but I suspect that the unstable version was installed 
because of other KDE packages I have taken from unstable (KDE 4.8 packages).

I didn't find the time to reproduce the problem with kdebugdialog, I hope to be 
able to do this this week end.



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