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Le dimanche, 1 juillet 2012 04.49:37, vous avez écrit :
> It looks like Wheeze will be without this package.

Not necessarily. As far as I can read the release.debian.org hints, 2.0-3 has 
been hinted to migrate despite the freeze. So I think we can safely assume 
that a fixed 2.0-3 could pass the freeze.

> Will you upload updated package into experimental when I prepare it?

Sure. But we can try making it ready for Wheezy first.

> Also what do you think about enabling DMUA for this package?
> To not disturb you in future.

I'm not confident enough for this step yet.

Now for the content of your proposed upload:

  * Update to stable release 2.1.
  * Deleted file debian/patches/fix-build-on-kfreebsd-and-hurd-i386:
    accepted in upstream.

The two above are too much for a freeze exception. They would be suitable for 

  * Added file debian/patches/ignore-symlinks:
    prevents of possible infinite loop because of circular symlinks.
    (Closes: #678714)

I'm far from convinced that your proposed patch properly addresses #678714: 
you address point 1 by "avoiding symlinks" (this means that a Gtk3 theme put 
under /usr/share/themes/* with a symlink would not be detected e.g.) and you 
haven't addressed the point 2; you should answer to the bugreport by 
explaining how you plan to address (or not) it.

So if we want this to go to Wheezy, we need a proposed source package as 
minimal as possible from 2.0-3 which was hinted for Wheezy. New translations 
might be put in though.

Cheers, OdyX

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