Control: severity -1 normal
Control: title -1 amarok database is stuck at version 7 (amarok 2.2.0)
Control: tags -1 upstream


On Thursday 12 July 2012 15:02:44 Ira Rice wrote:
> 0000020   A   C   K soh nul nul nul nul soh nul dc1 nul   ~  nl   D   B
>            4341    014b    0000    0000    0001    0011    0afe    4244
> 0000040   _   V   E   R   S   I   O   N bel nul nul nul soh nul nak nul
>            565f    5245    4953    4e4f    0007    0000    0001    0015
It seems that your database is at version 7 (which is amarok 2.2.0) while 
current version is 14. Apparently, amarok has not fully succeeded in updating 
the database since then...

So each time amarok starts, it runs (or not) 7 upgrade scripts some of which 
have already been completed probably. Since the code does not appear to have a 
sence of database transactions (as far as I can tell anyway, I might be 
wrong), your database might already be in inconsistent state. Therefore, I 
strongly recommend to backup and purge database, then start from scratch (and 
export playlists/other data to external files beforehand).

Alternatively you could run:

$ amarok --debug --nofork 2>&1 | tee amarok-debug.log

wait for amarok to start, close it and then attach amarok-debug.log. What is 
more, take notice of which statement amarok gets stuck at if any. However, I 
doubt this will take us far since the only way to fix your dabatase is to hack 
it manually.

I'm marking this bug as normal since 2.2.0 has never been in stable (first 
version in stable is 2.4.3) and iirc, < 2.3 series had some nasty bugs which 
might have led to this state after all.

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