Hmm, log tells me that you are using external MySQL server storage. So far we 
were checking version of the local storage, so our info was not correct.

> amarok:           BEGIN: void
> CollectionManager::loadPlugins(const
> QList<Collections::CollectionFactory*>&) amarok:            
> [CollectionManager] initializing "amarok_collection-mysqlservercollection"
> amarok:             BEGIN:
> MySqlServerStorage::MySqlServerStorage() amarok:               Automatic
> reconnect successfully activated
> amarok:               Automatic reconnect successfully activated
> amarok:               [MySqlStorage] Connected to MySQL server 5.5.24-7
> amarok:               Connected to MySQL server 5.5.24-7
> amarok:               [MySqlStorage] Initialized thread, count== 1
> amarok:             END__:
> MySqlServerStorage::MySqlServerStorage() [Took: 0.003s]
> amarok:             BEGIN:
> SqlRegistry::SqlRegistry(Collections::SqlCollection*) amarok:            
> END__:
> SqlRegistry::SqlRegistry(Collections::SqlCollection*) [Took:
> 0.051s] amarok:             BEGIN:
> MountPointManager::MountPointManager(QObject*, SqlStorage*) amarok:        
>       BEGIN: MediaDeviceCache::MediaDeviceCache

So you should check the value of the DB_VERSION row in the admin table. If it 
is 14, database upgrades should not be triggered anymore (and as far as I can 
tell from the log, they are not). Therefore, trying using current database 
unless you notice odd behaviour which could be database corruption related.

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