On Saturday 18 August 2012 08:22:19 Ira Rice wrote:
> Right, I was using MySQL, like I thought I said when I reported it.
> Likewise, when I purged it externally, it mostly reassembled itself
> without me needing to tell it how to do so, and appears to still be
> stuck at version 7. I shouldn't have to do much work to get it to the
> same state it was in before. Probably just a couple of renames,
> substituting in a few missing covers, but that's pretty much it.

I don't know the details but logically internal database should not be used if 
external is enabled. However, since you are using external database, 
DB_VERSION of the internal one does not matter. You need to connect to the 
external database (with e.g. mysql command line client or phpmysqladmin) and 
check DB_VERSION value of that database:


> Quite the puzzler then, I take it? Is there some possibility that it
> is both storing internally and externally, and the internal version
> has never upgraded since then, and that it syncs up for the most part
> every now and then, so that very little of the data is lost (since all
> of my tracks were there on restarting without my external database)?

Playlists may be stored in the disk or database. Play counts, statistics, 
images are stored in the database unless you choose to store them in the media 
files themselves (see Configure Amarok -> Local Collection). In the latter 
case, barely anything will be lost when database is corrupted, but Amarok will 
keep modifying media files which might be what you want.

If you removed ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/mysqle with Amarok running, it might 
have written data back from memory upon Amarok. As I said before, state of 
internal database is not important if you are using external one.

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