> the [1] patch is not really useful. It's removing symlinks but it's
> not harmful to follow them in this case. It's not a
> recursive/iterative function so it's harmless. It shouldn't be
> applied.

Yes, you are right. I made test sample and checked it.

So the first point in this bug report is false.

Useless patch was removed.

> the [2] patch, on one part is fixing the bug like i did,

I updated this patch to decrease the difference.

> on the other
> it's setting the first entry in the combo box for no apparent
> reason...

When KDE is installed at least one icon theme is present in system. But without
this change [1] user will see empty icons and empty combobox item at first run
or if theme from his settings is not exist. I believe this should be fixed.

Just remove your settings file and test the application.

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