Kid3 supports lots of different tag formats. All these formats have different 
fields, not all fields are present in all formats. Kid3 tries to unify the 
common field types between all supported formats, the unified fields are the 
"standard" fields from Title to Genre and additional fields from Album Artist 
to Website. Besides these unified fields, a lot of other format specific fields 
are supported, for ID3v2.3.0 from AENC to WXXX.

Now there is the problem that not all of the unified fields can be 
unambiguously mapped to the fields of all formats. Here we have the Performer 
and Arranger fields. For ID3v2.4.0, Arranger is mapped to "TIPL Involved people 
list" and Performer is mapped to "TMCL Musician credits list".

   The 'Musician credits list' is intended as a mapping between
   instruments and the musician that played it. Every odd field is an
   instrument and every even is an artist or a comma delimited list of

   The 'Involved people list' is very similar to the musician credits
   list, but maps between functions, like producer, and names.

However, in ID3v2.3.0, there is no such thing as TMCL, only IPLS (Involved 
people list), so both musicians and other involved people like the producer 
have to use the IPLS field. That's why Kid3 maps both Performer and Arranger to 
IPLS, and when the file is read back, there are two IPLS frames which are 
displayed as Arranger.

So this is not a bug in Kid3, only a thing where ID3v2.3.0 is not as expressive 
as ID3v2.4.0. You can use ID3v2.4.0 if this is really a problem.

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