The St. Viators Charitable Trust International Multi-Sectoral conference on 
Women/Youth Empowerment.
The American Square International Conference Center London from the 22nd 
October to 5th November 2012.


Dear Invited Delegates,
You are invited to participate in this international multi-sectoral conference 
bringing together Leading figures, Governments and Various Non-Governmental 
Organizations (NGOs) from across the World to discuss and debate the possible 
ways and strategies through which the global fight against HIV/Aid Prevention 
can maximally be attained.

The main Objectives of the Event are given as follows:
Reflection on the scale and manifestation of poverty around the World;
* Practical evaluation of the impact and success of poverty eradication 
* Assessing the role of the International Humanitarian Agencies in coordinating 
International poverty eradication efforts;
* Highlighting the role of governments, companies, NGOs and the civil society 
in poverty eradication;
* Considering the formation of partnerships among key stakeholders as a 
strategic approach to meeting International MDG targets as well as eradicating 

The Conference will also provide an opportunity for participants to share 
insights and experiences and to network with other colleagues from voluntary 
sectors, health, education, religious groups, governments, local authorities 
and other areas. It is also an opportunity to get direct access to loans and 
grants from participating Humanitarian Agencies.

A comprehensive list of Speakers will be posted on our website in due course. 
However, the opening address will be given by the Former United States 
President - His Excellency Mr. Jimmy Carter. Keynote Speakers include Dr. 
Margaret Chan: Director General of World Health Organization, Andrew Lansley : 
Minister of Health in England and the Scottish Minister of Health: Shona 
Robison and others. We also expect numerous Top Government officials, scholars 
and philanthropists from across the world to grace this event.

Proposed Agenda:
* Women empowerment 
*Youth empowerment 
* HIV and Aids prevention and treatment 
* Child development* Employment 
* Priority Public Health issues 
* Child Abuse * Social exclusion 
* Women and Gender equality 
* Women and Sex Education 
* Health Improvement 
* Globalization and Health 
* Peace and Security
* Women and Child Trafficking. 
* Human Rights Protection.
* Violence against Women.etc
 Side Attraction:
* Book launching 
* Artistic and cultural activities 
* Exhibitions and Grants Approvals 
* Banquets, coffee break services 
* Musical and Cultural presentations *Presentation of Grant and Charity Awards 
* Humanitarian visits to selected Orphanages and Hospitals 
* Opportunities for informal networking and alliance building
There will Interpretations in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and French 
languages during the period of this event.
Registration / Participation fee: 
Registration is free. All invited delegates are advised to contact the 
Secretary of the Local Organizing Committee on the contact address supplied 
below for more information and Registration Forms.

Who can participate:
Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, Industrialists, Economists, Politicians, Company 
Executives, Health Practitioners, Professionals in relevant fields, Lawyers, 
Psychologists, Women and Youth organizations, The Clergy, Religious groups, 
Social Development Groups, Government Officials, Donor Agencies, 
Non-Governmental Organizations, Voluntary and Social Workers.

I can't afford the cost - Can you help?
The St.Viators Charitable Trust UK and our co-sponsors (Subsea7 (UK) Ltd 
London) have set up an Access Fund to support the travel expenses for all 
qualified participants. This is will be on a first-come-first-serve policy as a 
result of the large number of delegates who are expected to attend this 
conference. More than 200 representatives from the NGO sector, development 
funding agencies, Religious Bodies, Government departments and research 
institutions are expected at this event.

Accommodation /Reservations: 
All Intending Participants are required to book for Accommodation / Reservation 
at the designated Hotel. A proof of your Reservation qualifies you for 
participation. At this point we are providing for just 200 participants so 
certain logistic Provisions like Flight tickets, local transportation to the 
Venue of the Conference, Banquet, All meals and coffee break sessions will be 
taken care of by our Foundation. Final Beneficiaries of these logistic 
entitlements will be selected on a first-come-first processed basis and as a 
result of this, the sooner we receive your applications, the earlier we can 
process them.

NB. Prospective Participants must apply in groups of 2-4 persons

Visas and Letters of invitation: 
Special arrangements have been made by our foundation through our travel 
consultants for professional immigration assistance to be given to participants 
who will require a Visa into the United Kingdom. The Conference Organizers will 
arrange for the Letters of Invitation to be sent to appropriate Embassies as 
soon as we receive a Proof / Confirmation of Hotel Reservation via email.

Presentation Proposal: 
Participants wishing to make speech presentations on topical issues during the 
conference are also encouraged to indicate their interests to enable us enlist 
them in the Programme Time table which is being drafted. You should submit a 
one page presentation Abstract and your Curriculum Vitae which should be less 
than 4 pages.

For more Information and Registration Forms, please contact the Local 
Organizing Committee using the contact information given below: 
Rev. Francis Albert (PhD) (Secretary LOC) 
+44 704 5703 618
Contact EMAIL:
We look forward to meeting you here in London.

Contact Person: Rev. Francis Albert (Secretary LOC)
Hamlyn House,
MacDonald Road Archway,
N19 5PG

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