On 29/09/2012 01:03, Mark Purcell wrote:

digikam/experimental is installable now (see below), but it does conflict with
kdegraphics/unstable.  It installs fine and is a fully usable package (contary
to your assertions), and some users wish to utilise the latest upstream
release, which is why I have uploaded to experimental.

For me this mean its not acceptable as anyone using kde will need kdegraphics/unstable!!

However, you are correct that this is not an acceptable long terms solution
and is a release critical bug and should not be brought into unstable, hence
why it is uploaded to experimental.

I disagree. You should upload onlt thinks taht are installable, that means you should provide also the kde 4.10 packages!

Upstream has a peculiar approach where
they start utilising newer components of kdegraphics.  Again you are correct
this is not the debian way and is not a sensible approach to packaging.  We
also had exactly the same issue with the release of digikam/2.0 which was
using unreleased features from kdegraphics/4.7.  The workaround we used then,
and are using now is to make the bleeding edge package available via
experimenal, whilst maintaining the fully compatible package via unstable.

At that time 4.7 was already available via the kde/qt repository if I remember... This is not the case for 4.10 AFAICT.

1.      Bleeding edge digikam/3.0.  In which case they can install via
experimental but cannot utilise kdegraphics/4.8.

This is not a solution!


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