Thank you for using KVIrc and reporting us that bug.
  What was the latest version of KVIrc that you can remember that feature was 

  According KVIrc developers, that feature was harcoded in a somewhat old 
version of KVIrc. Nowadays, the function is scriptable, so you may want to 
restore the default scripts.

  There is still a similar option if you do right mouse button on the network 
name, in the window list. The option name is "close all queries".

  In order to restore the default scripts, go to "Scripting" menu and then 
choose "Restore default script". This operation may overwrite some of your 
settings, so make sure you won't loose anything you want to keep.

  If the still available option satisfies you or reverting to default script 
helps, let us know.

     Raúl Sánchez Siles
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