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On Saturday 29 June 2013 07:54:36 Πρεκατές Αλέξανδρος wrote:
> Basket starts with sudo! Also my system wheezy after a dist-upgrade in which
> i have many issues and aptitude remove many packages that i had to
> reinstall . Basket is one of them.
> No i wasnt able to start it even once (with the sudo exception that's
> working).
> Also i have very slow other KDE apps , like kmail, fileligth . (i mean a pop
> up dialog takes 1 minute to pop up!)

Hi! Please send us the output of running /sbin/ifconfig

I suspect you are missing the lo interface, and this bug is just a consequence 
of that.

Kinds regards, Lisandro.

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Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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