I completly missed that mail somehow, appologies, a CC to me is always helpfull ;)

Next time it would be preferred if you send a patch instead of a link. It would have been even better if Sven submittted said patch so we could have committed it to git much earlier!

Anyhow, pushed to git(hub) as edc0bc3f04b715f2c882343e4d4fdf94e7cc1e29


On 27-07-13 12:37, Franz Schrober wrote:

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Betreff: de-Primacom initial tuning data doesn't work anymore


I wanted to watch TV today with kaffeine 1.2.2-2 from debian and noticed that 
it didn't work anymore. Also scans even after the update of the initial tuning 
data didn't show all tv stations. Just replacing the entry for 
dvb-c/de-Primacom in ~/.kde/share/apps/kaffeine/scanfile.dvb with the one from 
http://narfation.org/misc/dvbc/de-Primacom fixed the problem for me after the 
next scan for tv stations.

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