On martes 13 de agosto de 2013 13:45:12 CDT, Diane Trout wrote:

We recently released a new version of KDE Telepathy, 0.6.3 is currently in unstable.
The translation string in 0.4.0 was:
msgid "KDE IM Contacts"
msgstr "Contados de MI para KDE"

The string in 0.6.3 is:
msgid "KDE IM Contacts"
msgstr "Contactos de MI para KDE"

Is the new translation correct?

I can investigate if its possible to update the 0.4 version in stable.


Thank you Diane for your response... and yes, the translation is correct, as "Contactos" 
means contacts in Spanish and no "Contados".

For me the translation in 0.6.3 is correct. Please investigate if it is posible to make the upgrade, I believe it won't be a problem, because is just one simple string to change... Regards, José Luis.

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