Hi Michael,

the first thing is that wicd doesn't work also. :-)
So i reinstalled the network-manager-kde.

Am 02.09.2013 14:10, schrieb Michael Biebl:
You've configured your network interface device(s) in
/etc/network/interface, that means they are managed by ifupdown.

It makes no difference if i have only the lines for "iface lo" in the 
interfaces file
or if the file doesn't exist.
Network is not coming up and the manager is not scanning for WLAN.
The same message with insufficient privileges appers by manual entry and save.

There must be more wrong.

If you want to manage your interface with
network-manager/plasma-widget-networkmanagement, you should remove those
interfaces from /etc/network/interfaces. See also

Hmm - this dependencies are not not clear for me and for other users.
It would be fine if the right dependencies would be checked when the package is 

It seems to be always a struggle to get WLAN running.
I will not think about bluetooth ..


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