Package: skanlite
Version: 1.0-2
Severity: wishlist
Tags: upstream

I reported the following issue upstream, where it was marked as resolved. Since 
it persists, this shall track it locally.

I just scanned a simple monochrome text document on a letter-sized sheet of 
paper. Skanlite saved this to a 9 MB file by default. Disk space surely got 
cheap, but I was expecting more like a 100 kB file. OK, that's harder to 
achieve for a color 38 MP scan. By default, Skanlite saves scans as PNG-s (at 
least here). I tried saving as JPEG instead, and instead got a 1.6 MB file, 
which is at least several times better. Sure, JPEG is lossy but if I compare 
the 2 files, the JPEG actually looks better. They both have great quality of 
course, but if I focus on a certain letter and compare, JPEG is the smoothest. 
(Gwenview bug?)

This can be permanently worked around by selecting JPEG in the preferences 

My gut feeling says lossless compression must not be very efficient for 
scanning. I suggest to make JPEG the default. If defaulting to PNG was 
intended, maybe the format selection could be improved? Could the content 
determine which of PNG or JPEG should be choosed? Like Skanlite compares the 
PNG size to the JPEG size and goes with JPEG unless PNG would be smaller for 
the content in question?

Filipus Klutiero

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