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On Sat, 9 Nov 2013 15:53:04 Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> Upgrade: digikam-private-libs:i386 (3.4.0-1, 3.5.0-2), digikam:i386
> (3.4.0-1, 3.5.0-2),  digikam-data:i386 (3.4.0-1, 3.5.0-2)


I see you have also filed a report with upstream, so have noted the Debian bug 
as forwarded.

There has been very little change between your upgraded versions (3.4 -> 3.5), 
as this was a maintenance release, I believe 5 bugs were fixed:

There have also been no other reports of albums disappearing, although 3.5 has 
been available since 10 October, so I have set the severity of your report to 

I would imagine it has to do with the location of your digikam4.db file, is 
that located in your Pictures directory and have you changed this?  I would 
recommend you check the quality of these databases, especially your backup 
before you used digikam/3.5:

Your tags can also be located in digikam4.db, unless you choose to store them 
in each picture file.

I'll let the digikam team provide you some further assistance via 327337.


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