> Actually, it happens that the db file was read-only, and that explains
> the problem that were exhibited (for the records, I manage my photos
> with git-annex and thus the db file was read-only too).
> I'll try and investigate a bit more though, on ways of improvement in
> case of read-only DB file handling, but it seems the reopening of this
> particular bug was a bit too fast, then.

For the records, I think I have understood what went wrong here.

It seems my usage of git-annex was incorrect, and the DB file got reased and 
replaced by a much earlier version of the file when I used git annex lock, 
without a warning (AFAIU), which means that it suddenly got reverted to before 
the migration from V6 to V7.

So appart from no warning from digikam on a read-only DB, I'm all guilty for 
what happened.

Sorry about the bothering

Olivier BERGER 
(OpenPGP: 4096R/7C5BB6A5 : http://weusepgp.info)

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