We would like to our self as top class financial consultant providing 
following services for credit enhancement only, We have our Representatives 
around the globe New Zealand, UK, Dubai Zurich with a lot contacts and 
experience full range of financial advisory and capital-raising services to 
corporate and institutional clients on transactions with an Asia and Europe 
component.  We work closely with our clients to understand their needs 
especially those whom have no capability to have needful financial instrument 
because of the constrength from their banks, sanctions or rates of purchasing 
this instrument from SBLC, DLC, BG and POF to do business across the globe.
1. We arrange Standby Letter of Credit (SLC) / Bank Guarantee (BG) / MTN on 
lease from one month to one year from Prime Bank.
 Minimum amount acceptable US$5M (Collateral will be provided by facilitator 
 2. We arrange Commercial Letter of Credit (DLC) for 30, 60 and 90 days at 3% 
as per our terms and conditions to raise fund from your bank with our 
inspection certificate in the LC.
 3. We can get you maximum yield in HYIP as we are direct with commitment 
 4. Arrange Fund Proof for trading or any other purpose
 5. Arrange credit line
 6. Arrange Bank Guarantee/SBLC from first top 25 Prime Bank  on discounted  
rate vary from 50 to 75% of the face value and it  will be based on  Collateral 
First (CF). 
 7. We Arrange project finance  13 to finance your project at 60-80% LTV
 8. Discount Bank Guarantee, Gold Certificate 19s, SKR on very attractive terms 
also. International advisory consulting. Set -up trust off shore & USA 
authorized capital old registered companies. International Consulting
Edward Mingsu
Email: emin...@126.com

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