Attention:Beneficiary, My name is Mr. Wilfred Davidson,from the United 
Nations.It is a distinct pleasure to write you again. As you are well aware 
many foreigners have invested thousands of United States Dollas into United 
Kingdom transactions in Hopeless Dreams to have none of them become a 
reality.Your file is one of the approved legitimate beneficiaries to receive 
part-payment of $10.5Million USD. Right now,as directed by our secretary 
general Mr.Ban Ki-Moon,We have agreed with the United States Government that 
$100,000.00USD (One Hundred Thousand Dollas) would be paid to you through the 
Western Union Money Transfer Via special arrangement as first installment.This 
is to enable you have enough funds to pay for the Tax Clearance and bank 
charges before you will receive the balance of $10.4M USD (Ten Million Four 
Hundred Thousand Dollas Only).Please take note that you will pay $245.00 USD 
only being Notarization fee and this is the only financial obligation that you 
will undertake to receive the $100,000.00 USD (One Hundred Thousand Dollas 
Only)through the Western Union Money Transfer.please understand that if you are 
not readly to make the sum $245.00 Dollas to receive your first Installmental 
Payment of $100,000.00 USD please do not response to this email. Based on the 
above subject matter,I would like you to urgently respond to this message with 
your full information so that I can process the Western Union Money Transfer on 
your behalf within the next 24 hours and release your fund. 1. Full name.... 2. 
Country........... 3. Contact Address....... 4. Telephone Number...... 5. 
Marital Status......... 6. Occupation..... 7. Age... Sincerely yours, Mr. 
Wilfred Davidson E-mail:
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